Transcript of the video: Doukhobors are not christened. They don’t wear a cross and only pray in their own chapels. They are against any kind of violence. Doukhobors believe there is god inside every creature. Doukhobors migrated in Javakheti in 1841. The Kalmikov family was the head of the community back then. Kalmikovs were considered as the descendants of god. Lukeria was the last offspring of the family, whose grave is now considered as a holy place among Doukhobors. In the beginning of 80’s, Doukhobors started to move from Javakheti in Tula. The second stage of migration stated in late 90’s, when a big part of the community moved to Bryansk. In 2008, before the Georgian-Russian war, the third stream migrated to Tambov. Nowadays, there are approximately 200 Doukhobors living in Georgia. Gorelovka is the village where they have the biggest community. Armenians and eco-migrants from Adjaria also live in the village along with Doukhobors.