Keti Arjevanidze

The Exhibition will continue till the end of May. She’s been thinking about an exhibition for

five years already and started accomplishing her plans three years ago. This is the first time when Salome, for uncertain reasons, decided to display her works in Tbilisi. This is the first time when she actually enjoys being in her home country. She never counts the number of her paintings: “before the exhibition, I usually replace the chosen pieces with the new ones,” says the artist. She might waste years on inspiration but finish painting in minutes. Salome considers she has an ultra modern vision, and her art is more understandable for the younger generation, because it’s less ideological and doesn’t carry a strong subjective view. She wants people to be affected by her works in a way music and poetry does. besides paintings done by water-color, pencils and felt pans, photo collages were also displayed: “ The collages are made of photos from the internet, some people upload them and I try to create art out of it,” admits the painter. On the exhibition, Salome’s notes were also displayed, most of them about Kambodja. As Machaidze says, she wanted a to have a special starting point somewhere and the beach of Kambodja was the the place where she first got the the inspiration for the “Wandering soul lots on beach” . The works of Salome Machaidze also include directional peaces, her filmography consists on two documentaries and a one movie.