Beka Goginashvili

This tournament is quite prestigious and many top-ranked players are taking part in it. The prize  also quite good- the winner receives one million dollars. This year american John

Isner won this tournament. This was quite surprising, because Isner hasn't played for few months due to injuries. In 2010 Isner was number 9 in world rankings, but since then he went down, because of his constant injuries.

Nicholas Almagro, who lost in final, was considered as a favorite, because of his high ranking. He is number 11 and he has played very consistently in 2012. Almagro usually plays defensive tennis and he is very good at counterattack. His best shot is his backhand. John Isner is very tall guy and his main strength is his powerfull serve, which he used very well in Houston. Almagro played some good tennis through this tournament and didn't have any dificulties reaching the final. Isner also played really well and beat his opponents very easily. There was strong a anticipation before this match. Tennis fans were expecting very interesting match and players managed not to  dissapoint them.

In the beggining Almagro was the a better player and he was leading 3-1, but Isner won 5 games in a row. First set ended 6-3 in Isner's favour. Second set was very even and none of the players had advantage,but In the end It was Isner who produced better tennis and american player won the second set 7-5. Match ended 6-3,7-5 in Isner's favor. Isner was very happy after his victory and thanked the crowd for supporting him.

After the match Bost Isner and Almagro made comments. Isner said:"  I was able to go for my shots and be effective on the baseline, especially with my forehand. I was really proud with how I played after going down 1-3 [to win] five games in a row. I played exceptionally well those five games".

Almagro congratulated his opponent:" He did a really good job today. He played aggressive,I want to congratulate him, because he's a really good player and a good person and I think he did a good job this week.

John Isner will play his next tournament in Monte-Carlo.