Gvantsa Akiashvili

 In this interview he speaks about the new Georgian cartoon and the limitless world of animation.  


According to him, the cartoon "Geno" is a new word said in the field of Georgian animation. This sphere is in transition period in our country. "Therefore, it is especially important to show to the world that we can produce high-quality animation of international standards. Geno will open many new doors for us", said Dato.


One of the hardest stages in the process of creating this animation was to find artists, professionals, who are able to work on this type of project, he said.   
Despite all the difficulties and challenges the Georgian aucience will soon have opportunity to enjoy the first Georgian-German 3D animation and support its world premiere at Berlinale International Film Festival. In the future, Dato considers making series of Geno together with Lira Production.  


 Find more about it in the interview below.