Lala Aliyeva

The massive fire quickly immersed 16-story building and took hours to put out the fire. The bad quality of plastic paneling covering the building contributed to the fire and a criminal probe has been launched to determine the culprits, Azerbaijan's chief prosecutor, Zakir Garalov said. The investigation has been started.


 All occupants of the residential building in which today's fire broke out this morning will be provided with houses during the day, Deputy Prime Minister Abid Sharifov, who is the chairman of the state committee created under the order of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev over today’s massive fire that broke out in a multi-storey residential building, said in a statement to APA.

 This news was the most discussed in online and social media outlets these days.

 What Online Media says: says that several weeks ago after the first great fire in Baku warned that this is the first sign, due to polyurethane, which covered with almost all new buildings, will be the cause of new troubles. Additionally, says that according to the deputy head of the executive branch of Khatai district Rafig Aliyev the instructions given by the President Ilham Aliyev and the order of the head of executive power of Baku G.Abutalybov they started removing flammable coverage from high-rise buildings. ( Radio Lyberti (Azeri Service) says that the director of “Global Construction” company Miryusif Mahmudov has been detained as the suspected person. writes that on May 19, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev signed an order to establish a State Commission for investigating the causes of the fire in a multi-storey building in Baku’s Binagadi district.


What Social Media says:

This news is a top news not only in online media outlets, but also among social media users. Users share their diverse opinions.

 "Our population and our children  are victims of low-cost and low-quality coverage of buildings, wrong projects and illiteracy.” 

People were outraged by the attitude of local TV channels. Thus, one of the users wrote on the Facebook page, that instead of the claiming of mourning day, all TV channels are broadcasting the entertainment programs.

 "Today,  because of monopoly and lack of professionalism a residency building was burnt, 16 people were killed including 5 children. What our TV channels show: 

Culture TV: The film about musicians

Lider TV: soap opera "Ali and Teo"

Xazar TV: The advertizing of European Games

ATV: a movie " The Earthquake"

ANS: a movie " A War Horse"

Space TV - a movie "Brave Heart"

Now it must be broadcast the live from the hospitals, the families of the dead and injured people, given interviews, the talk shows with the experts about how this mistake should be corrected"


“Where are the posts that the mayor of the city should be imprisoned for making a such decree to do this coverage of buildings. it is necessary to imprison the Ministry of Emergency Situation who did not check the quality of products and the custom that permit to bring the chinese materials,” says one of Facebook activists.

 One of Facebook users claims that it might be sabotage from those who are fighting against the First European Olympic Games in Azerbaijan. 

However, many people blame the First European Olympic Games, that will be in June in Baku, Azerbaijan.

This is how of one of users write: “Dear IOC - International Olympic Committee, European Olympic Committees and national Olympic Committees of all European countries! My name is Fereh. I was two years old. Yes, I was, not "I am" any more. Today I died in fire caused by "beautification" facade around my house because in few weeks you will travel to my country and see how "happy" we are. And my mother lost my unborn sibling after my death news. Hope you will be "happy" to see how "happy" we are. I apologise for the inconvenience. Have a nice day. Love, Fereh Meherremova, May 19, 2015.”

 One of the most popular hashtags in Twitter became “MatemElanOlunsun, means that the Mourning day must be announced.

 “So many people died. The Mourning day must be announced at least to respect the families, who lost their relatives”, writes one of Twitter users.

The fire became topic number one in online media in Azerbaijan. But the world media did not remain indifferent to this tragedy. Almost all major media have published information about the incident in Baku.