Art Of Movements That Hardly Moves

Childhood without watching cartoons is unimaginable today. It’s one of the first sources of information, curiosity and imagination that has power to gain attention of a child for hours without boring them. It’s a unique way to get any messages fed into children’s brain even before they learn reading or writing. But what kind of information does Georgian new generation get through animations they watch and how are children affected by what they see in them? Go along the sidebar menu of the page and explore more about 3 dimensions of Georgian animation – Effects on children, Backstage of producing Georgian cartoon and the Creators speaking about the situation in the field.

Georgian animation for the last 12 years.


“You reach a point when you don’t work for money”, Walt Disney about animation.
Cartoons make us smile or cry, think or just have fun. Beneath them, there is an imagination and hard work of creators. It takes 24 drawings to create 1 second of animation. Have you ever wondered who is standing behind those colorful joyful moving images? Meet three Georgian animators. Seeing the meaning of animation with their eyes is especially interesting. They introduce their works and talk about issues hindering development of the sphere in the country. Share their enthusiasm and get inspired!