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359 people died and 984 were
injured on constructions in
2010-2017 years.

The trend shows that
the number of injured
and deceased is

Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia


Injured People
Investigation Started
Discussed in the Court
Court Cases


According to the research, the employer does not provide a proper and secure environment for the construction. Workers at the constructions discuss following violations:

There are not enough technical clothing. Workers are not provided with helmets, protective belts, no netting on the construction, lift shafts are open and unprotected.
Technical equipment is not checked.
Employer does not provide workers with safety instructions and does not monitor the work process.

In most cases, employers have no signed agreements at all. And the employer has no legal responsibility towards the workers. Companies often take advantage of the situation and make an ultimatum: ask the family members of the injured or deceased to cease the case in exchange for compensation.

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