There are 717 foster families in Georgia

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foster families

There are 717 foster families:

1. one child in 327 foster families
2. 2-2 child in 203 foster families
3. 3-3 child in 119 foster families
4. 4-4 child in 52 foster families
5. 5-5 child in 12 foster families
6. 6-6 child in 4 foster families



How children appear in foster care:

Children living in the streets are placed in Crisis Intervention Centers where they receive daytime and nighttime care.

Children who are ready for more stable life are transferred to Small Group Houses. Here 10 children live with their teachers in a family-like environment.

Children who want to live in families are placed in Foster Care. They stay with foster families until they are 18 years old.

How to become a Foster Carer:


Apply to the Social Service Agency.



Fill in the application.



Social worker analysis candidates.



Social agent analysis socio-economic condition of the family. The overall score should not be less than 100 000.



Documents needed: health certificate, a certificate from narcology center and psychiatric clinic, a certificate of conviction and other documents.



As the registration is complete, the foster carers undergoes obligatory training course.

What foster carers cannot do?

Foster carers cannot enroll the child in the school.
Foster carers cannot sign any document regarding the child’s surgery.
Foster carers cannot take the child outside the country.
Foster carers cannot make any legal decision.


  • During 6 year only 870 foster carers got involved in the program.

  • As foster carers complain monthly allowance (450 Lari) is not enough for sufficient care for the children.

  • The child’s age and living area significantly change monthly spendings. Monthly allowance is the same regardless the child’s age and living area.

  • The social workers are not regularly monitored by the state.

  • There is extremely low awareness about the foster care program.

  • The program is in need of more professionals, especially social workers to serve all the families appropriately.

The best model in foster care system is the one in the UK. It’s very much different from the existing system in Georgia.

Best Practice - the UK:

  • Private fostering agencies closely collaborate with local councils to create wider network of foster care.

  • State gives “retain fee” as monthly allowance to potential foster carers to keep them in the program.

  • There are 8 types of foster care in the UK.

  • Reasonable amount of monthly allowance (1760 Lari) changes based on child’s age and living area.

  • Each family involved in the program benefits from tax concessions.

  • Foster parents can take “Short breaks” and leave children with another foster family.

  • If you are a foster carer, even once in your lifetime, your pension is increased.

  • Every foster child gets a bursary for college and university. Foster children get benefits such as “Jobseeker’s allowance” after leaving foster care at the age of 18.